As a 501c3 non-profit incorporated to assist veterans re-assimilating into the modern workforce, VETSI was officially filed in cooperation with academics and executives from Wells-Fargo and The George Washington University.  Another Bucephalus Web Development production as a charitable contribution coming soon in 2017!  BOLO for #VETSI on our social-media celebration of the #BucephalusDevStable2017.  We invite you to watch the screencast-tour above, or stay-tuned via their Facebook-page until is clear for take-off…  #StealthModeSEO ?

A picture taken at The George Washington University with Wells-Fargo Regional Director, Steve Clark, and Bucephalus Web Development CTO, Alexander J. Singleton.

The Bucephalus Web Development company seal and logo.

The corporate-logo for Wells-Fargo.


The official George Washington University seal.