Rockhurst High School Yard Games 2016

A great day for our first flight with Rockhurst High School ‪#‎Hawklets‬ of yester-years past at RHS Alumni Yard Games 2016.  This production was a charitable contribution solely donated by the time and skill of BucephalusDev CEO & CTO, Alexander J. Singleton, for the benefit of Rockhurst High School.  The flight and footage were produced before Part 107 was effected and remains in compliance with FAA-guidelines.

Alex is also a Google Streetview certified virtual photographer, so he volunteered to record Facebook360 video footage that day, which is featured below— COME ON FEEL THE NOISE!  As of June 2016, Bucephalus Web Development was one of the front-runners to adapt Facebook360-video for commercial web development, in not just Kansas City, but the world-over- including CERN!


Please note: if you’re viewing this page within a mobile browser on your smart-phone, since the technology is so recent, Facebook hasn’t yet adapted rendering for mobile-view.