Saddle-Up with Bucephalus Dev Podcast: The Reboot

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  Posted on July 20, 2020 by admin.

Folks, as of a few weeks ago, Saddle-Up with Bucephalus Dev is back in black restarting with Saddle-Up with Bucephalus Dev | Episode 7: The Reboot; you can catch the most recent episode released this morning (Saddle UP with Bucephalus Dev | Episode 10: Cure is the Best Revenge) or click on either soundcloud or YouTube playlists below to stream at your leisure. Please look forward to all future releases on SoundCloud and Vimeo every Sunday evening and following on YouTube every Monday morning at 07:00 CDT (trying to incentivize the folks to check-out soundcloud and Vimeo channels first before going to YouTube : – ).

Saddle UP with Bucephalus Dev | Episode 9: Narcissists Always Implode
Saddle-Up with Bucephalus Dev YouTube Channel Playlist

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